Upscale gift shop opens in downtown Glen Cove

Caron Siegel, Ian Siegel, Lindsey Walsh and Adam Siegel proudly display some of the candles available at The Shoppe by Trubee Hill.

Glen Cove’s downtown has been undergoing a transformation for several years, and the community has welcomed a variety of new restaurants and fitness studios, a bank and an apartment complex. As far as retail goes, however, there has not been much movement. That has changed this month with the opening of The Shoppe by Trubee Hill, a gift shop and home store that channels stores found in resort towns across America.

“As residents of Glen Cove, we wanted to bring a store to the area that we personally want to see in Glen Cove,” said Ian Siegel, who co-owns the store with his husband Adam. “We travel across the country to resort towns, and this is the type of shop you find in those places. Glen Cove is missing that type of shop.”

Located in the newly renovated Village Square, The Shoppe by Trubee Hill offers customers an array of specialty goods, from its signature candles to candies, needlepoint pillows to cutting boards. Less than two years old, the brand was born out of the pandemic, and has grown beyond its founders’ dreams.

Ian and Adam Siegel were given a citation from Patricia Holman, executive director of the Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District.

During the summer of 2020, Ian said he and Adam were wary of the next wave of Covid-19 likely to come that fall. “We felt that we needed to come up with a hobby or activity that did not involve watching Netflix,” Ian said. “We had always discussed starting a lifestyle brand and began watching YouTube tutorials on producing soy wax candles.”

After perfecting the formula, the Glen Cove couple introduced the Blue Hydrangea candle under the Trubee Hill brand, launched the website that fall, and spread the word to family and friends. “It took off beyond our wildest expectations,” Ian said.

It became such a hit, Ian said, that several North Shore retailers reached out to them wanting to carry the brand. “We ramped up production to meet the demand,” he said.
That first winter, Trubee Hill participated in the Deep Roots Farmers Market (formerly Sea Cliff Farmers Market) held at Village Square, which helped get the name out there. “The response from the community was wonderful,” Ian said. “Everyone was so positive about the quality of the candles and the scents we created.”

New products are born out of an idea and a name for a new candle; the scents are created to match that name, according to Ian. Creating that perfect scent involves a lot of testing and readjusting, but Ian says now, “we have a pretty good formula down that works.”
Trubee Hill products and ingredients are all made in the USA, including the jars, oils, labels and wax.

As the business grew, Trubee Hill began to introduce more items, branching out from candles to room sprays, food seasonings, jams and oils, and gift items. “Our inventory began to take over our home, and being from Glen Cove, it was a natural progression to look for a storefront,” Ian explained. “We wanted to reclaim our home and get things out of the house, expand our business and increase capacity.”

Trubee Hill was blossoming at the same time as Village Square was reaching completion. While residents began moving into the apartments, leases were being negotiated for the retail spaces on the ground floor. The Siegels jumped at the chance to be in a brand new space right in the heart of downtown.

“It was just a natural spot to be in Glen Cove,” Ian said.

After about a year of finalizing the details and making the proper renovations, The Shoppe by Trubee Hill opened on June 30 at 100 Village Square. “We’re very excited to be in Glen Cove, in this brand-new spot which I believe is an important piece of downtown. We’re happy to have gotten in at the ground level.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on July 16 outside of The Shoppe by Trubee Hill at 100 Village Square.

The Shoppe by Trubee Hill is a full-service gift shop and home store, offering more than what they sold at farmers markets or online. New offerings include handbags, dishware and coffee table books.

“People have been telling us how grateful they are that we’re here,” Adam said. “And every item in our store has a story, from the name of the candles to the products we sell, and the store is designed in the style of our home.  We don’t carry anything that we wouldn’t own ourselves.”

“This is something that Glen Cove has needed for a long time,” said Patricia Holman, executive director of the Downtown BID. “Ian and Adam have a developed a strong following and not only understand the market, but also know how to curate the store. Just walking inside opens all your senses, from the fragrant smells to the beautifully packaged candles. I think it’s a wonderful addition to our downtown.”